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Our Kids at Heart volunteers are so important.
Respite programs, like Fundango, provide children with the chance to build relationships with other children in adoptive, foster and kinship families, as well as a way for kids to participate in meaningful activities that increase their skills and resources. Respite care is a key part of the post-placement services often needed by adoptive, foster, and kinship families that help support placement stability and permanency.

By spending some of your time with our kids, you will be providing significant benefits to their families.


Volunteer at our Saturday Fundango!

Fundango Events

Direct service Fundango volunteers are our most utilized volunteer position at Kids at Heart. Our volunteers are typically college age or older, though we have some dedicated teens who also volunteer. We encourage teens from ages 11-16 to volunteer with their parent(s) whenever possible. Each bi-monthly Fundango requires a minimum of 10 volunteers and often more, depending on the number of kids. Volunteers lead age groups with children aged 0-17 or run a station that has been planned by our Coordinator. Volunteers are expected to keep kids on track in a loving way and help keep them safe, but are never asked to discipline. We hope that our volunteers, who work directly with children and families, will have an opportunity to get to know each child and create positive adult-child relationships with them at each Fundango.

Volunteer Background Screening & Registration

All volunteers participate in a multi-step background screening and registration process. We make it as easy as possible. The steps are:

  1. Complete CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) finger prints and background check.
  2. Register with the BUI (Background Investigation Unit).
  3. Fill out the Kids at Heart informaton form.
  4. Schedule your time to volunteer.

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