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Our Kids at Heart volunteers are so important.

Thank you for your interest in helping with the vital work we do!

At our core, Kids At Heart provides various forms of respite care. Respite is a service that offers a rest or break period for those in need. Our respite programs, like Fundango, give caregivers a rest while providing children with the chance to build relationships with other children in adoptive, foster and kinship families, as well as a way to participate in meaningful activities that increase their skills and resources. Respite care is a key part of the post-placement services often needed by adoptive, foster, and kinship families that help support placement stability and permanency.



When children are removed from their home it’s very traumatic. If a child is removed from several placement homes, it compounds the trauma. Up to 50% of Foster Families quit in the first year because they feel unsupported, and never get a break (NCSL). Foster, adoptive and kinship parents often manage behaviors that are unique to kids in the foster care system. Sometimes these parents need a short break. The opportunity for a date night, grocery shopping or running errands while the kids participate in meaningful and fun activities gives parents a chance to relax, recharge and renew. This helps keep the children in those homes for longer periods of time, leading to better success in the long term.


of Colorado foster kids are placed in 4 or more homes.


months is the average time a child stays in care.


of prisoners were in foster care at one time.

By spending some of your time with our kids, you will be providing significant benefits to their families.


Volunteer at our Saturday Fundango!

Fundango is interactive for kids & teens!

We support 50 to 80 kids and 15 to 25 families* for the twice per month Fundango–our signature respite program. Parents have 4 hours of respite.

Kids at Heart’s trained staff engage children in age appropriate fun, educational and active experiences like art, STEM, reading books, dinner and more.

*During and after the pandemic our attendance is closer to 35-40 kids.

Kids at Heart Fundango


All volunteers are paired with a staff member who is the Group Leader for a cohort of up to 10 kids. Our age ranges are 1-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years and teens. If you feel comfortable with a particular group age, just let us know.

Volunteers are encouraged to support the leadership of the Group Leader and help kids have fun and stay safe while participating. Our Volunteer Manual covers all of the details.

The time commitment is 5 hours from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm on a Saturday of a scheduled Fundango.

Children with bubbles

All volunteers participate in a multi-step screening and registration process.

We make it as easy as possible. The steps are:

Volunteer Registration Form

Complete this form.

Contact a Kids at Heart staff Director to sign up for a date to volunteer. Once your screening and registration process is complete, we will schedule you to attend a Kids At Heart event.

Complete Background Investigation Form

The State of Colorado requires all volunteers who work with kids to complete a Background Investigation Unit Form.

Follow these steps:

Visit this link.

Download and complete the form.

Turn-in to Kids at Heart via email or printed copy. We pay the fee and submit to the State.

Fingerprint Background Check

Details and instructions for the fingerprinting process are here.

Follow these steps:

  • Review the Volunteer fingerprint setup at the link above.

  • Setup an account.

  • Schedule an appointment.

  • Go to fingerprint appt. with correct identification.

Kids at Heart will automatically receive your report.

Volunteer Orientation

This 30 minute session immediately before the Fundango event teaches our volunteers how to work with kids who have experienced trauma.

Volunteer Background Screening & Registration

All volunteers participate in a multi-step background screening and registration process. We make it as easy as possible. The steps are:

  1. Volunteer Registration Form
  2. CBI (Complete Background Investigation) Form
  3. Fingerprinting appointment
  4. Volunteer orientation (conducted immediately prior to Fundango)

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