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The Kids at Heart team is looking for experienced caregivers for part-time (generally twice per month) Saturday events. We prefer experienced caregivers and do require a series of background checks for all staff members. 

What is a Group Leader?

The Kids at Heart group leaders are responsible for leading a group of kids at our twice per month 4-hour Fundango events. As a GL our team members help kids with art, STEM, coloring, playing games and maintaining safe and healthy behaviors while in our care.

Who is an ideal Group Leader?

If you have experience working in a day care setting, you likely have most of the skills and experience we prefer. However, some of our group leaders were also babysitters or volunteered with kids programs. We want to see that you’re patient, caring and consistent with kids.

What makes our kids unique?
Unlike kids who are are raised with their biological parents, many of our kids are adopted, in a kinship program or in the foster care system. This means they have likely experienced some type of trauma as a result of their parents or from being removed from their biological parents.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Fundango Group Leader
Fundango Activity Rotation Leader
Fundango 1-1 Support Staff

Working on Staff at Kids at Heart

Kids at Heart Mission: Kids at Hearts supports foster, adoptive, and kinship families through regular respite events. While parents have a break for a few hours, we provide informed care for kids who range from newborn to 17 years of age.

The Kids at Heart Fundango events are held on Saturdays twice per month during the school year and generally once per month during the summertime. Staff members are on-site from 2:00 to 8:00 pm and work approximately 12 hours per month. Additional hours are occasionally available throughout the year.

Group Leaders serve as the primary caregivers for the children participating with Fundango. Group Leaders lead groups of 6-12 foster, kin, adoptive or biological children through rotations with the assistance of 2-3 volunteers. They will also be responsible for the volunteers assigned to their group.

Activity Rotation Leaders are responsible for setting up and facilitating one of the activity rotations that the groups of kids will participate in (e.g. Art, STEM, or other specific rotations).

1-1 Support staff work with our kids who may need additional support, guidance, or assistance throughout the event. They do so by providing one-on-one attention, to ensure that each child has a fun and successful experience at Fundango.

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