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Kids at Heart has served over 440 children who do not often get to be a kid at heart. 

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The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

As an added  incentive for our donors, monetary donations also qualify for the Colordao Child Care Contribuiton Tax Credit, which offers an additional credit up to 50% on your state income taxes. CCTC applies to contributions of cash, to Colorado institutions that support child care for children under 12 and to certain approved charities. These contributions could be deductable as charitiable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes depending on your personal situation. In addition, a taxpayer could credit up to 50% of the contribution against the taxpayer’s Colorado state income tax liability.  These deductions and credits substantially reduced the after-tax cost of such donations to taxpayers. The credit is non-refundable, but may be carrided forward for 5 tax years. Learn more here. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your specific situation.

Here is a sample of how this might look.

Your gift’s impact:

sponsors a family of 3 or more children to attend Fundango for an evening

pays for snacks for 70 children at one Fundango event

sponsors a child to attend all Fundango events for a year

sponsors a teen to attend Camp Teen Fundango this summer

sponsors a Fundango event for 85 foster and adoptive youth

sponsors a Camp Teen Fundango weekend for 24 teens this summer

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