The short answer… absolutely nothing 🙂

While mask mandates are changing across the nation, the CDC revised their mask guidelines and the State of Colorado has started the process of relaxing requirements, Kids at heart staff, volunteers, parents and participating kids will still be required to wear masks while at events and around kids.

We believe the safety of our kids, families, staff and volunteers is critical. While many of our staff and volunteers are vaccinated, we are still vigilant about wearings masks at all times and helping your kids keep their masks on. 

After the school-year begins again, and depending on the availability of vaccines for kids under 12 years of age, we will again revisit the mask discussion and how we can maintain safety for the kids who attend our events.

The children attending the nursery group at Fundangos, generally ages 6 months to 2 years of age, are not required to wear masks. If your child can keep one on, then please feel free to provide one. However, most children 2 years and under are not likely to wear a mask consistently.

If you would like more information regarding mask changes from the State of Colorado, please visit here.

Questions can be answered by contacting our office. Thanks for your patience and support!