Tracking the spread of Covid-19 and using that information to conduct or cancel programs has become a weekly experience for the Kids at Heart team.

We monitor the rate of State spread, numerous counties and other areas, including Cheyenne, to formulate our level of risk regarding the highly contagious Covid-19.

The last Kids at Heart Fundango was October 3 in Loveland. All kids, staff and volunteers wore masks, attendees were socially distant as much as possible, craft projects were setup to avoid sharing materials and even meals were served in the same room with kids at least 6 feet apart. Handwashing was frequent and sanitizer used in large supply. There have been no reports of Covid spread from the 25 kids (representing 15 families) who attended. However, the rate of State spread was 430 new cases per day and the 7-day average was 278 at that time.

Today (January 24) we have 1528 new cases and 1577 is the current 7-day average in the State of Colorado. That’s a significant increase over the last time we held a Fundango on September 12–Three times the rate of new cases and four times the weekly average.

While most of the families we support are from Weld and Larimer counties, it’s important to consider that people travel to and from other areas within a reasonable distance. For example, parents who work in Denver cross into a more highly infected county and then return to the local area.

Not everyone can work from home. Many of our parents have jobs that require showing up to a work site, office or restaurant. We understand you cannot “remote” work when customers are coming in to you business. This does however increase the risk for these parents and the spread of Covid if their children are attending an event.

Kids at Heart relies on State and local data while also considering our obligation under the Governor’s mask order and executive orders. Additionally, one of the core philosophies surrounding the community spread of Covid is to avoid groups of 10 ore more people, stay 6 feet apart and consider how important congregating is to the health and well being of your family.

There are some who may suggest that respite is essential. Others may feel it’s a “nice to have.” As a foster and adoptive parent, I totally understand the need for a few hours of respite. My husband and I have been with our kids 24/7 since March of 2020. We shop occasionally, go to the park, play at home and avoid any indoor socially close activities. It’s not always easy and certainly could be more fun but it’s keeping our family safe.

Our upcoming list of Fundango dates is available. We are only advertising the event IF and when the numbers decrease enough to support a safe environment for all attendees.

Thank you for supporting Kids at Heart and being patient as we navigate Covid carefully to avoid community spread.