For the last 6 months we have seen companies close, then some opened with restrictions and now there’s talk of more closing or reduced customer percentages for retailers.

Sheesh! Up and down, up and down. It’s like a merry-go-round and our national leaders are blaming each other for the spread of Covid, the flow of accurate information and funding to local companies, municipalities and citizens. From stimulus dollars, small business loans, and personal protective equipment to the CARES Act, mask mandates and social distancing, it feels like things are changing weekly.

Kids at Heart is again suspending our Fundango program as the cases in Colorado, and both Weld and Larimer counties, have increased significantly. Our concern is three fold–kids and families, staff and volunteers, and community spread.

Data published on Google here.

Our newly revised Teen Connect program is still running pending the continued use of Ascent Studio’s climbing gym.

The Kids at Heart teen group leaders developed an amazing program along with The Young Ascenders to use indoor rock climbing to build self-esteem, confidence, resilience, friendships and many more of the personal attributes that help teens as they prepare for adulthood. Teens participate with parent permission and adhere to strict mask and social distancing protocols. The next event is Friday, November 6 and registration is here.

As a respite organization, our mission is to provide foster, kinship and adoptive parents with a break. How do we accomplish this with social distancing, the health department (which has been very helpful) regulations, and the case count seems out of control?

When the White House Advisers Warn of ‘Unrelenting’ COVID-19 Spread, ‘Whole Lot of Pain‘ in the West and Midwest of the Nation, that’s our cue to proceed with extreme caution.

While we have a new set of safety protocols in place, the concept of the the Kids at Heart Fundango is to have fun. It’s in the name! Keeping kids apart, convincing them to not touch surfaces and their faces, limiting play time and hand washing constantly is really not fun and still does provide total protection from the virus.

The simple suggestion that we might have and asymptomatic child who unknowingly spreads Covid to another child who then goes home and gives it to his/her parents or grandparents is a lot of responsibility for us to bear. It’s a “what if” scenario but we have watched it play out in churches, schools, day care centers and many other places throughout our Country.

This is frustrating for us because we’re serious about providing parents with respite. No breaks from the kids. Even a few hours to run errands without lugging the kids around the store, let alone having a date night.

The short-term solution is to cancel our in-person Fundangos. However, we will be launching our video Fundangos again and we’re working on a One Family Fundango which would limit exposure of our staff to one family per week (or less).

As the cases in Colorado decrease, we will be very happy to open our Fundango program again. Stay safe, wear a mask and take care of your loved ones.