As Covid-19 case numbers continued to decrease in Colorado, Kids at Heart was on track to re-launch Fundango on July 11. 

After the last 2 weeks of rising Covid-19 cases, we’re postponing it again 🙁

With case growth in Colorado and across the Nation, it’s simply too risky to have toddlers and youth in close proximity under our care. 

According to the State, the largest number of infections are people from 30 to 60 years of age–that’s the majority of our parents, volunteers and some staff. 

Wearing masks and social distancing are the two critical components of slowing the spread and avoiding Covid-19. We’re doing our part by suspending Fundangos temporarily until we see a decrease in the infection rate in Colorado. 

It’s frustrating because so many kids activities are cancelled this summer but we are trying to share in the solution and avoid potential opportunities to spread Covid-19. 

If you have questions, please reach out to Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, Executive Director, at