The mask debate started in March 2020 shortly after Covid-19 was discovered in the United States.

From the CDC guidelines to Trump’s mockery of wearing masks... there are many people expressing their reasons for and against mask wearing in public and within close proximity to other people. Some view it as their American right to not wear a mask while others believe it’s their right as a citizen as cited in ‘You could literally kill someone’: Masks become a new COVID-19 battleground.

Hopefully your family has found a comfortable position on this issue that provides protection for your loved ones and the people you meet in public.

While 12 states have set record highs in new COVID-19 cases since Friday there are still some who believe the importance of a mask is a political statement, “American right” and completely optional.

In Florida a non-mask wearing customer attempted to force his way into Walmart as seen here.

A few months ago I was watching a TV show, the name of which I cannot remember, and the interviewee said we should wear masks to show respect for the doctors who are dealing with complete chaos in hospitals. They have sacrificed their own safety, jeopardized their family’s health and worked in totally unexpected situations every day at work. This concept seems reasonable and responsible to me.

The real reason I wear a mask is to provide people with a level of comfort that I’m attempting to keep my germs to myself. I don’t have Covid-19 so I’m not likely to pass it. But I also do not want to catch or spread it.

For the last few months my social outings are going to the store to pick-up groceries outside or a quick trip to Target for essentials that I neglected to order online. In fact, my husband and I were joking recently that we’ve never spent this much time together because we typically go work and have other events going on. In the words of famous decorating guru, Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.”

Fundangos will be starting soon. The State of Colorado Department of Health is requiring a series of new precautions to protect everyone from Covid-19–parents, kids, employees and volunteers. We are gearing up for changes that will impact our costs, the check-in/check-out process, group composition and more.

The safety of your family, our employees and dedicated volunteers is our top priority.

Your personal and political beliefs about masks can be put aside when dropping-off and picking-up kids at Fundango. Masks will be required of everyone 3 years and up. I sincerely hope we will not have an incident like the Florida man from Walmart 🙂 However, everyone will be wearing a mask. Not to sound rude but if you’re not willing to wear a mask, please avoid registering for the events. At least for now. We sincerely hope next year will be different.