The latest changes from Governor Polis outline a timeline for the Safer at Home strategy

It begins with retail businesses providing curbside delivery starting today. Gradually this week the restrictions are reduced in order to allow businesses to begin functioning again. 

Starting on Friday, May 1, as stated in the Governor’s update, “Retail businesses can phase-in a public opening if they are implementing best practices. Personal services can open if they are implementing best practices.”

The Governor outlines how starting on Monday, May 4 offices can open at 50% of staffing if best practices are being implemented.

Kids at Heart serves families in Northern Colorado which generally come from Weld, Larimer and Boulder counties. These regions have 1469/79, 312/18 and 500/30 (cases/deaths) respectively. Colorado reports nearly 13,672 cases and tragically 672 deaths. The areas we serve comprise 17% of the Statewide cases and 19% of the deaths.*

While adults may be able to practice safe distancing, wearing masks and proper hygiene, kids should be treated differently. They are not thinking about diseases, germs and social distancing when playing, touching surfaces and expelling vapor such as during a cough or sneeze. 

As much as we would like to open our Fundango programs again, we are waiting to see how the next few weeks progresses before making any decisions. Our focus is on the safety of kids, staff and volunteers. 

Each time we discuss how to safely protect kids, families, staff and volunteers, we find ourselves feeling the current risks and infection rates are still too high. Our hearts go out to the families who have have been touch by this terrible disease.

*Google this term “colorado covid cases” to see all of the trends and data.