A snow day in Northern Colorado is not unique but in April is definitely less normal. It serves as a good distraction from Covid-19. Being from the Phoenix metro area, the snow is still exciting for us. Every time it snows I bring the kids to the window to watch it. Their interest is waining but it seems they still humor me.

My kids are getting anxious after being home for over a month. The phrase, “I’m so bored” is totally overused. After trying many different types of art, video games, school work and various other hands-on activities, my husband and I are running out of new things that are fun at home. But my skills at Just Dance are definitely improving… so there’s that!

This morning my 6-year old son and I were reading Sir Pete The Brave in a collection of Pete the Cat books. As he turned the page he took one look at the character “Sir Pete” and without hesitation said, “That’s not a sword. Who’s idea of a sword is that? It looks more like a stick with a balloon on top or maybe a kite, but it’s definitely not a sword.” Of course, I was impressed that he knows the words “sword” and “definitely” but without stopping myself I let out a quiet laugh. He looked at me and said, “It’s really not a sword.” His honestly and bluntness is truly something kids can only provide to us more serious grown-ups.

My daughter loves the Art for Kids Hub on Kids YouTube. They slowly walk through all types of drawing projects. So I’m really not an artist but I tried it with my daughter and it was really easy. She was definitely better but she humored me with a “Good job, Dad.” Yeah, I know what that means. LOL.

I hope you’re enjoying time with your family as well. Sometimes in the middle of a meltdown with one kid and another is calling from the bathroom because someone used the last piece of toilet paper, it’s difficult to remember we will never get this time back. But it’s true!

Starting this year, none of us imagined we would have one or more months home with our kids. With schools, parks, stores, museums and zoos closed there’s no where to go but hang-out at home. Movies, games, exercising, reading, electronics, online school and hopefully early bedtimes.

You’re definitely not in this alone either. We’re all doing the same thing. Home after home in your neighborhood and community, parents are making it up as they go. If it gets rough, hang in there. You can do it. Tomorrow is another day and thankfully in Northern Colorado the sun shines almost every day. As my 7-year old daughter told me last week, “If you’re feeling stressed, you should take 10 deep breaths to help you relax.” Yes, she really said that. Too much YouTube for her 🙂